Pink Holy Days

Pink Holy Days are an electronic duo from Italy. Their roots are in punk, but since 2008 they mixed these influences with different sounds from the club scene (electro in the first years, actually more techno).

They released two LPs (“Nicht”, 2010 and “Twenty Eight Minutes”, 2012), several EPs and singles. They played in many beautiful festivals and clubs in Europe. They can play as live band (in trio with a drummer) or in club version (live or djset). Their live performances are pure power and this great energy brings PHD to share teh stage with acts like Chemical Brothers and Underworld.

Now they are ‘cooking’ new songs for you. From Warp-genre soundscapes to techno bombs. PHD’s new project is called “Live in the woods” and will be supported from several videos and remixes.

PRESS: VOLUMEUP | +39 328 59 89 203